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La Voie Lactée  IBCLC

Isabelle  Faille   Lactation Consultant 
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 licence no.L-300403

French and English consultations 

Cellulaire:  514-378-0669  Email:
Consultations en français - Consultations in English - Hablo espagnol
         La Voie Lactée IBCLC

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What  is a lactation Consultant?

The Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a certified health professional who specializes in human lactation, breastfeeding support, and management with a focus on helping mothers and mother/child follow-up.


The certification of these professionals is approved by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiner. This certification is internationally recognized.  IBCLC lactation consultants can be found in many health care settings such as hospitals, pediatric clinics, CLSCs, and private clinics (self-employed).The training required is very specialized with a minimum of 90 hours of lactation training required. IBCLCs must have extensive experience in clinical lactation management and counseling (minimum of 1000 hours of practice) in order to prepare for the international examination organized by the IBLCE (International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners).This certification requires that IBCLCs follow a very strict code of practice like any other health professional. Regular updates and re-certifications are required.


What is a consultation with an IBCLC ?

A consultation can take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, especially during the first meeting. A complete evaluation of your situation will be done (pregnancy history, medical interventions, particularities related to your baby, delivery, and breastfeeding to date). 


In terms of breastfeeding, an evaluation of latching will be done in order to identify difficulties at this level.  An evaluation of the baby's latch will be done, as well as a check of the baby's physical characteristics in relation to breastfeeding (latch, mouth, tongue extension, and any other relevant elements). In addition, I will assess the impact of the latch on the mother's breasts and nipples in order to identify the risks of injury or pain and potential milk production issues.

Once the evaluation is completed, an action plan will be put forward based on your personal goals, choices, and needs according to the issue. Follow-ups may be necessary depending on the issues identified.  In this action plan, I can refer you to other professionals.Follow-up by phone or email as needed will be offered to ensure good support while the issue is resolved. The follow-up is included in the consultation fee.

The course of a consultation:

The first meeting of approximately 90 minutes, ideally in person (home visit).

Possibility of virtual consultation via What's App or Google Duo 

***All packages include follow-ups by phone, email, or text.

Isabelle  Faille - IBCLC

My professional history

My passion? The human journey.  

Through my educational background with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, I have always had a keen interest in understanding interpersonal relationships, communication, human biology, and mental health promotion. The experience of motherhood has literally transformed me as well as my own experience of breastfeeding for a period of 5 years.


I joined Nourri-Source in 2016 as a breastfeeding sponsor and contributing member and my passion for breastfeeding and supporting moms have really taken off. Over the past 5 years, I have accompanied more than 100 mothers in their breastfeeding experience. I then decided to turn this passion into a profession. I took the Human Lactation Specialization course and accumulated hours of practical training at the Herzl-Goldfarb breastfeeding clinic (Jewish Hospital of Montreal) as well as at the breastfeeding clinic of the Saint-Jérôme and Sainte-Agathe hospitals.  I am therefore certified as an IBCLC in the Laurentian region since January 2021. 


Soins infirmiers du nouveau-né

The support I want to offer for you and your baby?  

I want to accompany you in this beautiful adventure, in order to establish a healthy parent-child relationship. I hope that this professional coaching will support you in making wise choices for the physical and mental health of everyone in your family through your experience with breastfeeding your newborn and/or your children. I look forward to accompanying you!

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    Breastfeeding info

Services offered
price list for 2024

At home visits
Virtual Consultations 
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Preparation to breastfeed (before birth)
Follow ups/tips

In-person appointments are done in your home in the Laurentians, Laval Lanaudière, Outaouais, North Shore of Montreal, Montreal, and occasionally on the South Shore.

     Initial appointment in person       

     Approximately 90 min and plus

     Price: 155 $ +tx

     In person follow ups

     Approximately  75 min  and plus

     Price : 133 $ + tx

I offer virtual consultations for people located throughout Quebec and Canada. 



 Virtual Initial appointment        

Approximately 90 min  and plus  

Price: 144 $ +tx

 Virtual follow ups

 Approximately  75 min  and plus

 Price : 133 $ + tx

I offer breastfeeding preparation sessions during pregnancy, according to individual needs, either in a virtual consultation or at home. Including support via text and email (1-2).

     Initial appointment 

     Approximately 75 min and plus 

     Price: 133 $ + tx




Each consultation includes text, email and telephone follow-ups if necessary. In the context of more complex problems, follow-up appointments (at home or virtual) will be scheduled in order to provide the necessary support and corrections to resolve the problem. 

Appointements available on demand at the Clinique de Médecine alternative : 9051 Rte Sir Wilfrid Laurier local #203, Mirabel, QC J7N 1L6

*** Clinic visit Fees: Possibility of appointement in the clinic in Mirabel, at Clinique de Médecine Complémentaire : 20 $ +tx.

*** Travelling Fees: After 20 km from my house  (Saint-Colomban, Qc) the following price will apply for each supplementary KM  0.40 cents per km. 

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*** CANCELLATION POLICY:  Cancel at least 48h prior without fees. After that 50 % of the amount of the consultation will be billed.  

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Isabelle has been instrumental in helping us navigate the new challenges of being parents, and my wife wouldn't have been able to breastfeed as successfully as she has been without Isabelle's help and guidance.

We highly recommend Isabelle to anyone who is struggling with breastfeeding. She is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and attentive!

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